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A study several years ago on the behavior of severely jet-lagged hamsters found that, even after their normal schedule was restored, the little guys suffered learning and memory difficulties.

The cure?

Researchers found they responded best to a combination of a Viagra injection and exposure to bright light. They responded so well, in fact, that their recovery was up to 50% faster those in other test groups.

Not up for a Viagra injection to beat jet lag?

A more appealing solution might be the “Argonne Anti-Jet-Lag Diet.”

It basically works like this:

1. Determine breakfast time at your destination on the day of your arrival.

2. Four days before this breakfast time, start a four-day “feast-fast” cycle with a “feast day” on day one, a “fast day” on day two, a “feast day” on day three, and a final “fast day” on the day of your travel.  (Note: What you should eat on these feast and fast days is below.)

3. The final fast day ends when you reach your destination and enjoy a well-deserved high protein breakfast. (If you arrive in the early hours, you may sleep until local breakfast time.)

You should then stay awake all day and continue to eat in accordance with local mealtimes.

For “feast days,” you eat a high-protein breakfast and lunch (second helpings are encouraged). Your evening meal should be rich in carbs. Coffee and other caffeine-rich drinks should only be consumed between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m..

On “fast days,” eat three small meals — think soup, salad, and half-slices of unbuttered bread. (More reason to stock up on seconds the day before!)

Fast days help deplete the liver’s store of carbohydrates and prepare the body’s clock for resetting…so you’re ready to slot right in and be fully prepared for your adventure.

Maybe worth a try next time you’re on a long-haul…

Have your own little-known tips for beating jet-lag? You can post them in the comments section below.

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