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Do you think these three travel writers could kick your butt? Take a look…


Lucy Brown always loved to write about her travels, but the idea that she could actually become a paid travel writer seemed an unattainable dream.

She was teaching English when, one day, she decided this was it. She was going to give travel writing a try. So, she sent some of her writing to a guidebook company and… they liked it! Next, she got published in International Living.

Today she’s happier than ever, following her own schedule while earning money doing what she loves. Her travel writing income pays for some of her trips and makes traveling and daily living a more fun and rewarding experience. 


Bob Kelley worked in communications and ran a printing department for large corporations before he turned his attention to travel writing. When he got laid off from his big corporate job, he thought, “It’s now or never.”

Now he’s had three consecutive feature stories published in Georgia Backroads Magazine. Not only is he making extra money, he’s having a great time writing stories about his home state. And on top of that, he scored a free pass to Universal Studios to work on a travel story about the new Harry Potter attraction.


Roy Stevenson was working as a running coach and exercise instructor when one day he decided he wanted to try travel writing.

He picked an article topic, wrote an article, and got it published. Then he published another. And another. And another. Today, Roy is a full-time travel writer, published over 700 times, in over 150 magazines and newspapers. He regularly takes trips near his home and across the globe that are funded by someone else and enjoys the thrill of discovering locations with a travel writer’s eye.

Not one of these three people came from a writing background. They each lived normal, everyday lives when they decided to go for it. And they each got their dream.

Could you do what they’ve done? Of course you could!

The only difference between them and you is that they actually gave travel writing a try. So start this weekend.

Don’t let these guys kick your butt.

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