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Where did all of the buttons go?

Phones, digital address books, ATMs… they’re all losing their buttons in favor of touch-screens. But what do you do when it’s below freezing and you don’t want to remove your gloves to browse the web or make a withdrawal?

Here’s the quick MacGyver fix:

  1. Get some conductive thread at an electronics supplier like Radio Shack or

  2. Sew a little bit into the index finger of your glove. The trick is to make sure the thread touches your finger on the inside of the glove and is exposed on the outside where it can touch screens (and thus conduct from your finger to the screen, through the glove).

  3. That’s it! Go about your day, leaving your gloves on and saving your digits from the cold.

Or, forget the gloves altogether and go live someplace warm for a while. As a travel writer or photographer, you can work from anywhere in the world. (No need to bear the winter weather if you prefer sunshine and beach from January through March)

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