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If one of the reasons you love to travel is to get some alone time with a good book, then I’ve got the perfect featured publication for you.

Literary Traveler (

If you like to see a place though your favorite author’s eyes, visit historic literary sites, and get your travel fix from books when you’re home-bound, then you’re a prime candidate for a byline in this magazine.

Literary Traveler is an online subscription magazine with an extensive listing of literary tours and events. Their articles focus on writers, both classic and modern, journeys inspired by a piece of literature, or explorations of a book’s setting or a writer’s home country.

But you don’t have to limit your articles to authors… you can also touch on the same themes, but base your writing on the lives and works of composers, painters, storytellers, and other artists.

Generally, the articles you’ll see in Literary Traveler:

** Focus on an artist or literary figure in the context of travel and place…

** Are subjective first-person travel narratives…

** Meditate on a visit with a literature-inspired theme…

** Or are objective articles about places, writers, or artists.

Literary Traveler welcomes new writers, as long as the articles are professionally written and conform to the style and subject matter of the other articles in the magazine.

And at the moment, Literary Traveler is particularly interested in articles about a literary person or place, but with an environmentally “green” message.

If you’re interested in writing for Literary Traveler, you don’t need to send clips… but do send an e-mail query or paste your article directly into the e-mail body, with the word “submissions” in the subject line. No attachments.

Pay is determined by article length and quality.

You’ll find more detailed information in the writer’s guidelines, here:

To write for Literary Traveler, or glean tidbits to enrich your other travel articles, you might consider your upcoming trips and look for books about those places before you go. Not only can reading about a place in advance inspire and enrich your travels, but now it can be a byline opportunity, as well.

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