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“Ready for some good news?” asks a friendly voice streaming from the American Profile website, where “kindness always makes headlines, and tales of sacrifice prove that what we do best defines who we are.”

This four-color magazine is distributed weekly through newspapers, highlighting small-town stories with a positive, patriotic slant. Here are a few recent headlines, to give you an idea of what the magazine likes to run:

  • Ice Cream Crank-Off
    Churning a cool summer treat in McKinney, Texas
  • Holy Cow!
    Milking stools fascinate Illinois woman
  • Highways & Buy-Ways
    Multistate yard sales crisscross the country

If you’re a road tripper or you live in a small town, you could easily pen a piece for one of the magazine’s travel-related story categories, including:

    Featuring stories of American crafts and the people who make them
    On lesser-known places or things that have strong American roots and compelling stories behind them
    With stories of unique communities that are proud of their history
    Features about American museums and historical sites
    These are broader stories, generally on a national level, but maintain a focus on American life, culture, people, and places.

Once you have an idea of what you’d like to write about, query the old-fashioned way, by sending your one-page printed query letter with an SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) to:

Queries, American Profile
341 Cool Springs Blvd. Suite 400
Franklin, TN 37067

If you’ve been published before, include copies of your recent clips (published articles). The editors prefer stories that are not written in first-person. Article length can vary from 350 to 1,000 words, and payment is “competitive.”

You can sell photos here, too. See the “Photo Queries” page for more information:

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