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While preparing for a trip to meet my friend in Hawaii, I heard about giving seminars on board cruise ships through Great Escape Publishing and immediately, I knew I could do this.

After a little research and outreach, my friend and I found ourselves cruising to Bora Bora and Papeete, the beautiful capital city of French Polynesia.

I gave three lectures while at sea and was treated like a rock star.  Not only did we receive VIP treatment on board, but my friend enjoyed our cruise so much she ensured me that I could bring her along on any of my “business trips” in the future.

Cruise lecturing has provided great opportunities to travel the world… I’ve been to the Caribbean Islands… South America…Bermuda… throughout Europe, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

I gladly exchange lectures for free trips… and bringing along friends makes the cruise experience even more special.  

What’s more, cruise ship guests have enjoyed my seminars so much that they join me for activities on board and out in port!

You don’t even have to have one specific interest or area of expertise. My lectures have ranged from travel photo tips, golf, astro-palmistry, pirate tales, ghost ships, protocol and destination lectures.

I have also lectured at company events, clubs, and schools. But, cruise ship lecturing is unique because not only do you get to travel to beautiful, foreign countries on board a luxury vessel (at no personal cost), but you get to form lasting friendships with other shipmates and staff.

Funding your travels through cruise lecturing truly gives you a new perspective on life and is an experience you’ll cherish forever. I love my job.

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