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Today’s travel tip isn’t just for the ladies. Guys can use this tip for packing small tie clips, too…


Use Buttons as Earring Holders

When you’re packing jewelry, be sure to also pack a drinking straw and a few buttons.

Drinking straws can protect your necklaces from tangling. Simply thread one end of the necklace though the straw and secure the clasp. The straw will keep it from tangling and knotting in the bottom of your bag. (See pictures of this trick here.)

And buttons can hold and keep your earrings secure. Simply put the earring post trough the button hole, as you can see here:

Then, place the back of the earring on the other end, like this:

This keeps them out of the creases of your jewelry bag (making them harder to lose). And you can put the other earring in the same button, to keep them together, like this:

That way, they’ll be easier to find when you’re dashing out for dinner.

Note: Don’t miss yesterday’s tip on how to save wet electronics with rice.

Lori Allen
Director, Great Escape Publishing

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