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Travel in the 21st Century
By Roberta Beach Jacobson in Karpathos, Greece

Editor Ian MacKenzie (of Vancouver, B.C.) started Brave New Traveler (BNT) — his “daily travel magazine” in October of 2006. Today, BNT publishes a weekly free newsletter too.  Both are a fun read — and free. [Ed. Note: Brave New Traveler is now called Matador Network)

MacKenzie publishes articles on a wide variety of travel topics — from personal accounts of a journey to humorous stories to how-to advice for landing a job overseas. And BNT supplies the latest travel-related news from around the world as well as keeping its readers up to date on useful online tools for travel blogs and travel podcasting.

This e-zine is not interested in your standard travel article… that is, a destination-specific piece. MacKenzie is after an account of your travel experience.  And your experiences can be packaged in a number of ways to appeal to this audience. For instance…

** You could tell a story about spiritual travel — maybe you’ve taken a trip that lead you to a spiritual discovery about yourself or the place you traveled to.
** You could share an opinion about a greener, more responsible way to travel.
** Or you could share some handy travel tips — BNT publishes those in addition to advice on travel writing and photography,too.

This ezine is looking for original articles of 400-700 words.  The editor warns he will edit your article and possibly change the title of your piece, too.  In addition to editing for the normal things like content and style, this editor edits for the purpose of getting better search engine rankings, too — which, in turn, will gain you greater expose for your article.

You can read the complete Writer’s Guidelines.

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