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Last week we talked about creative ways to fly up front, for less. Today I’d like to talk about creative ways to travel. Ways that really inspire you to see more of other countries and enhance your overall experience.

Here are three creative travel ideas you might try…

** Creative Travel Idea #1: On your way to or from Spain, stop in Iceland and bask in the blue thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon.

Icelandair makes this easy with their Stopover Program. You’re allowed one free stopover in Iceland — either on the way to Europe or on the way back — with a maximum stay of up to four days (though some fares allow 7+ nights).

Stop on your way home from Europe and you’ll find better flight times. And if you’re joining us in Spain, a stop in Iceland on your return home means you’ll also have the photo skills to make your trip more memorable (and possibly saleable, too).

To book a flight to or from Europe with a stopover in Iceland — at no additional charge — here’s what to do:

1.  Go to

2.  Click on “Packages & Offers”.

3.  Look for their “Advanced Booking Engine” and click on “Stopover”.

4.  Select your destinations and travel dates. (At this stage, you’ll need to click on the “Add Flight” toolbar to allow for a stopover.)

Note: If you’d like to try this on your way to Spain because you’re joining us for our photo expedition in Seville, you’ll also need to purchase a ticket to and from Paris or Amsterdam (Icelandair’s only two stops in Europe).

** Creative Travel Idea #2: Fly in business class on an all-business class airline.

Roundtrip from New York to Paris using the all-business class airline Open Skies ( will cost you a little over $2,000 but at least you’ll get some sleep and arrive well rested in comparison to the cattle-class passengers at the baggage claim next to you.

While in Paris, you could stay in The Hotel de Nesle (pronounced “Nell”). From just 55-65 Euros per night, this charming hotel — with individually-decorated rooms emulating the arts, literature and theatre — is situated in the heart of Old Paris, close to many attractions including the Notre Dame Cathedral.

From Paris, you could take a one-way flight to Seville. Fares start from $77.54 (at as I write this. And, after our workshop in Seville, you could hop aboard Rail Europe ( and take the train back to Paris. It’s a great way to pack in all the sights you can before returning home.

** Creative Travel Idea #3: Use a travel agent or online tour company to plan an extra excursion.

Through you can fly into Madrid and enjoy a 4-day, 3-night excursion from Madrid to Portugal, click here to see. Prices run from $443.98 (which includes accommodation and transportation). You’ll get to journey to Trujillo, the birthplace of Spanish conquerors. Cross the Portuguese river to arrive at Lisbon. Journey to Fatima, a pilgrimage center, where you’ll have time to reflect, spiritually, at the shrine. You’ll travel to Cáceres, too, before heading back to Madrid.

From Madrid, you could take Rail Europe into Seville. After our event in Seville, you could extend your trip with us and travel to Marrakech, Morocco May 16-19 on another ultimate photography expedition!

What a journey!

If you have any other ideas for creative travel, please post your comments below.

Here’s wishing you many enriching travel experiences!

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