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Sometimes you wait too long. You’re behind the curve. You wait for an opportunity and then you miss it. You hem and haw about something and then it’s gone.

Other times you’re ahead. An opportunity comes along and you jump on it. Timing… instinct… and luck all come together and you come out ahead. Way ahead.

This is one of those times for the travel video market. Right now is time to jump in. Small companies everywhere need videos for their websites… and there aren’t enough people making them to keep up with demand. 

Bonnie here, coming to you on Day Three of our Paris Video Expedition with travel videographer Tom Reissmann.

Tom makes a few hundred to a few THOUSAND dollars for travel videos he creates with his SLR camera and a tripod. Two- and three-minute videos made up of a bunch of little clips.

With his comfortable salary, he can live anywhere in the world he chooses. And he gets to travel for it, too… often for free.

Here in Paris, we’re giving this a try and most of us have never used the video functions on our cameras.

We’re discovering how simple it is. And in just a couple of days of playing around with Tom’s help (and admittedly, eating a bunch of crepes, chocolates, and one vanilla bean marshmallow the size of my face) I came up with this fun travel video of Paris:


You can try this at home using the tips I’ve given you here these last few days.

Crazy simple tips like using a tripod and including the five kinds of clips I told you about yesterday give you a big head start.

And the market is huge. The time to start is now. Pick up the camera you already own or start with your smart phone. Your equipment is NOT the biggest hurdle. The biggest hurdle is in simply gathering the right videos and finding the right buyers.

Grab your camera and give it a shot this weekend. I bet you’ll see that it’s not nearly as scary as you think. It’s actually a lot of fun.

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