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TPM Writer’s Guidelines

Travel Post Monthly publishes articles with sound travel advice, that help TPM readers learn about a destination and save time, money, and stress when traveling.

We like short (800—1200 words), engaging stories about global destinations. TPM articles show readers what makes a place unique. Destination articles include information travelers need to follow in a writer’s footsteps or create their own journey.

How to submit an article

Send a completed manuscript in an MS Word document and sample photos attached to your email. If your article is accepted, the final submission will be VIA DropBox.

Submission address is

Please include in your manuscript~

  • Story title
  • Byline as you wish it to appear when published
  • ITWPA Member (if you are a member)
  • Story text
  • Subheads should be used.
  • Your suggested photo positions (use photo name)
  • Internet links for some of the places in your story.
  • Short bio of 50 to 100 words.
    Tell us about your writer’s life, even if it started yesterday.
    What are some accomplishments (writing or another career)?
    What style of travel do you like?
    Where is on your ‘must go to’ list?
    Have you been published before?
    Make it your own. Tell us a little about yourself.
    Your bio can include links to any of the following you might have – website, portfolio, social media, or published stories – promote yourself.
  • A headshot if you like – not required

TPM Photographers Guidelines

TPM would like to include your photos in your published manuscripts. We look for photos that meet the following guidelines –

Support your words with your photos. Show the scenery, food, experiences, people, weather, entertainment, etc.

We prefer landscape orientation, color, high-resolution, digital image files.

Our publication is timely, we want human subjects and backgrounds to look modern.  We also prefer pictures that appeal to a broad audience.

Photo checklist

  • Do not add watermarks or your signature, we will credit your work.
  • Please name your photos with location then BY YOUR LAST NAME
    Example – queen victoria hotel BY CHARLEBOIS.jpg
  • JPG format, high-resolution digital file
  • Photos should be 640 pixels on the longest side
  • If you want captions for your photos, place them at the end of your manuscript. Use the file name to match the picture with the caption.
    Please make captions 1 to 10-words.

2021 Editorial Calendar

TPM accepts submissions from ‘first-time published’ and established writers on any travel-related topic. Stories and photos related to each month’s theme are given priority for publication. However, we consider all story topics that are submitted.

Read TPM’s Writer’s Guidelines above for specifics on how to submit your manuscript and photographs, then use this calendar to find a place for your stories.

Eating is the most popular travel activity everywhere in the world. January 2021 will feature stories about restaurants, cooking classes, traditional dishes, cultural delicacies, farms, producers, new trends, nostalgic trends, history, or any other food topic. Share something unique about the food you’ve experienced and the place you enjoyed it during your travels.
DEADLINE for Submission: December 1, 2020

CLOSED – February – Rivers – CLOSED
Is there a river that you found captivating? Large or small, famous, or unknown, tell TPM readers about your favorite river and what travelers will find to do and see.
DEADLINE for Submission: January 1, 2021

March – Libations
“Another round for my friends!” Whether wine, beer, spirits, coffee, tea, juice, smoothies, sodas, or mineral water, we want to hear about drinks you’ve enjoyed and the details of where you experienced them.
DEADLINE for Submission: February 1, 2021

April – Spring Break
Spring breaks aren’t just for college-students-gone-wild. Each year families, solo travelers, seniors, and yes, college students celebrate the end of winter with a trip that includes plenty of outdoor time. Where is the best spring break destination? Share your winter’s end escape and how everyone can celebrate their spring fling.
DEADLINE for Submission: March 1, 2021

May – EU
It’s wide open. Focus on a region or city in the EU. Take readers there, put them in the driver seat. How will history affect their visit? What cultural events are ‘not to be missed?’ How about language, seasons, clothing, or transportation options? Give details about getting there along with ESP (eat, sleep, play).
DEADLINE for Submission: April 1, 2021

June – Beach Escape
Secret beaches, busy beaches, ocean beaches, lake beaches, river beaches. Sandy or rocky, natural, or manmade, we all love a trip to the beach. Share your favorite, how to get there, what you did, where you stayed, and what you ate and drank.
DEADLINE for Submission: May 1, 2021

July – Immerse in Nature
Where have you gone forest bathing? How about wetlands, a wildlife preserve, a mountain lake, or maybe sand dunes in the desert? Show readers a place where they can immerse in the calm grandeur of Mother Nature.
DEADLINE for Submission: June 1, 2021

August – Giving-Back Travel
Travel with a charitable purpose is more popular than ever. Folks are touring the globe on a mission. Some are helping to recover from natural disasters. Others are teaching, some dig wells, re-plant forest, and build shelter. Share with readers your giving-back journey and how they can take the same trip.
DEADLINE for Submission: July 1, 2021

September – Best Hikes in…
Attention hikers! Whether you have climbed Mt Everest or conquered a short path around a park, we’d like your report on the best hikes in any destination you choose. Describe the surroundings and a rating for the level of fitness needed for readers. Don’t forget ESP.
DEADLINE for Submission: August 1, 2021

October – Bring on the Leaves
In the Northern Hemisphere, fall brings a change of color to deciduous trees and plants. Festivals, road trips, coach tours, and even cruises are centered around the changing leaves. Where is your favorite place to watch the changing season? How about a fall festival not to be missed? Do you have ‘local’s tips’ for changing leaves in your hometown, or the Best Backroads for a Fall Frolic? As always, include information on how to get there and where to ESP (eat, sleep, play).
DEADLINE for Submission: September 1, 2021

November – Island Fever
What could be better than an island escape when winter has begun to set in? What island do you dream about? Give us the low-down on your favorite island of any size, and any place. Tell us how to get there and what we will find when we arrive.
DEADLINE for Submission: October 1, 2021

December – Winter Holidays Worldwide
Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, New Year’s, Bodhi Day, Twelve Days of Christmas, Saturnalia, Festivus, or any of the many winter holidays is one of our most popular themes.
My research turned up over 50 winter celebrations from around the globe in December alone. Destinations, customs, food, libations, music, art, decorations; all are fair game. Send your best stories and pictures, showing readers the perfect place or way to celebrate a winter holiday.
DEADLINE for Submission: November 1, 2021

Priority Given to ITWPA Members

Please be aware that we give priority to stories submitted by ITWPA members. But we are happy to receive submissions from other travel writers as well.

Details about Rights

Travel Post Monthly functions not only as a stand-alone travel publication but also as a vehicle to profile and promote the work of ITWPA members. We send it to a list of editors looking for travel content for their own publications. When they find a story or photo they’d like to publish, they are instructed to contact the author (you) directly to negotiate rights and fees.

Currently, Travel Post Monthly does not pay contributors. We work hard to get your work in front of editors who do.

Contributors maintain all rights to articles published in Travel Post Monthly. We will keep past issues archived on our searchable website so that editors looking for material about a destination can find your story and photos.