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Whenever we run a new photo Challenge, I hear a few excuses. Things like:

“I can’t participate in this Challenge because the topic is rain and it doesn’t rain here.”
Or: “How can I take new travel photos if I’m not traveling this month?”
Or, of course: “I can’t find the time!”

Deborah Kolb took this stock photo for our “April Showers” Challenge. Deborah lives in L.A., so she set this up and then used the garden hose to create “rain.”


Here’s one of the most popular images with the keyword “travel” on stock agency You certainly wouldn’t have to travel to create something like this.


And, well, I know we’re all short on time. Sometimes that’s just how it goes. BUT if you keep your camera nearby, you might be able to snag a few shots throughout the day – like I did when I was making kale chips in my kitchen one day.


Don’t give up on yourself before you’ve even started. Think of a solution. Get creative. Simplify. Try something new.

Next week, I’ll share my super-easy “studio” set-up that only requires a table and a window. If you’re trying to shoot a ton of new photos during our Summer Sprints event, having a simple studio space could really come in handy!

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