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Every year, the medieval Spanish town of Girona hosts the 10-day Temps de Flors flower festival. There are numerous streets and normally private courtyards that are open and decorated with an assortment of flowers to showcase diverse displays.

I like to attend this festival for several reasons. First, because I love festivals along with discovering other cities and towns in the country. Secondly, it gives me the opportunity to take a wide variety of photographs to sell online. 

I was never much of a photographer. Truth be told, up until about seven years ago I didn’t even own a camera. I bought my first camera and started to get into some very basic photography when I was living in Costa Rica. It was a great location with beautiful ocean views, lush tropical rainforests, and a wide range of wildlife—which made it a perfect place for me to start learning.

I bought some online photography courses, which taught me about the various settings on the camera and when to use them, the best time to take pictures, and what to do if the light is not ideal. The courses also gave me some information on some editing tools and online platforms to sell my pictures. 

My favorite platforms to sell my photos are Shutterstock, Dreamstime, and Bigstock, although there are several others you can join. All these platforms have different requirements and guidelines for uploading and accepting pictures. A picture that may not be accepted on one, can be accepted on another.

The cost of getting started as a photographer is minimal. You could even get started with the camera on your cellphone if it’s of high quality. However, using an SLR camera will give you a lot more options with various settings, lenses, and filters. This is especially useful as you learn more. Editing tools for your pictures can also be free or inexpensive. Adobe has great options starting from under $15 per month. 

The entire process for selling pictures online is very simple. After taking all my pictures, I upload them to my computer. I go through them all and pick the best ones to make some basic edits to with the editing program I have. This just involves some color correction, cropping, and straightening the pictures if required. I then upload the picture to the online platform and fill out the information about it including title, description, keywords, or whatever else the site requires. Once I’m done and the picture is accepted, it’s available for purchase until I take it down. The picture can then be sold many times a month, every month with no additional work for me.    

Now I rarely leave home without my Canon camera, whether I’m in Spain or traveling abroad. You never know when a photo opportunity will crop up. I still like to take some nature and wildlife pictures. However, I’m taking a lot more pictures of festivals, monuments, statues, and architecture now that I live in Spain.

I take a lot of pictures knowing that only a few will be the perfect ones to sell online. However, with all the preview features and large memory cards available for cameras, it’s easy to just delete ones that are not perfect. I’m still learning things about my camera and photography and will always continue to do so. In the meantime, my photography is a fun hobby that brings in a monthly income to help fund my life here in Spain.