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Look at the difference between these two shots I took at our recent Stock Photo Expedition in Cape Town: In the first photo, I shot from a fairly low angle… but in the second photo, my camera and lens were flat against the ground (and so was I). Ever since our Stock Photo Expedition in Cape Town, this is my new favorite way to shoot. Here’s why:

  • Open Sky – The lower you can get, the more you’ll have a wide open background with nothing but sky (and clouds, if you’re lucky). This is great for copy space, which photo buyers love. Of course, it’s not quite the same on an overcast day.
  • Fewer distractions – Taking a low angle removes distractions from the background. See how the railing in the top photo nearly disappears in the bottom one?
  • Cleaner composition – Finally, getting low creates a clean composition with a clear top, middle, and bottom. The top is the sky, the middle is the subject, and the bottom is the strip of ground. Notice how in the first photo, the middle and the bottom kind of merge together into a jumble of shapes.

Next time you shoot, try a variety of different angles — including as low as you can go — and compare the results to see what you like best.

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