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Waiting to board the elevator to the top of the Burj Khalifa — the tallest building in the world — we watched in awe as numbers flashed over the doors. 72… 73… 74… Taking an elevator here is an experience. As it breezes past each floor, the numbers flash faster and faster… 96… 97… 98… Finally stopping at the 124th floor. Bonnie, here, coming to you from our Abu Dhabi and Dubai Photo Expedition. Today is all about Dubai. From spice and gold markets to seven-star hotels to the towering Burj Khalifa, we took it all in, our cameras in hand. We’re on the hunt for iconic photos we can sell as stock. Which can be tricky in crowded places, since you can’t possibly get a model release for every person in the crowd. The solution? Look for iconic details. And take photos of the details. Whenever, wherever you travel, if you look for iconic detail shots, you’ll find images you can sell as stock. Here are two from the market that I’ll submit to my agencies when I get home: photos of the details Colorful spices in the market dubai-6649 Hand-sewn leather shoes Detail shots are my favorite because they’re simple, fun, and easy to take. They’re kind of the “low-hanging fruit” of travel stock images. Of course, we sought out some other icons, too, like the Burj Al Arab — Dubai’s famous, sail-shaped hotel: dubai-6673 And we mixed in a little adventure with a boat ride on Dubai Creek. dubai-6639 After wandering through the glitz and opulence of Dubai, tomorrow we head out into the desert to spend the night among an endless expanse of dunes. Share on Facebook

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