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If you’re starting to think about what to get for your favorite traveler, writer, or photographer this winter (even if that person is you!), here’s my top-20 traveler gift list for 2015:

What’s on your traveler gift list? Leave a comment at the bottom of this post, so that we can share ideas.

  1. New Camera! (see this post from last week: Best camera gear to buy on Black Friday.)
  2. A Fast Lens (again, see this post from last week)
  3. Push Pin Travel Map – to document all the places you’ll go.
  4. Travel Jewelry Roll-Up Bag – love these soft jewelry wraps. Fits right in your toiletries case. 
  5. Carry-on Cocktail Kit – this is great for in-plane cocktails that are actually GOOD.
  6. SHOLDIT Infinity Scarf with a Hidden Pocket – to fashionably stash your goods when you’re on the go. 
  7. Sling Camera Strap – Bonnie shoots with one of these and loves it. Takes some of the weight off you neck and makes shooting a cinch.
  8. Infrared Remote Trigger – so you can take self-portraits or get in your own group photos. (Make sure you get one that works with your camera as they’re usually brand specific – what works on Nikon won’t work on Canon, for example).
  9. This Little Guy. I’m thinking about getting him before our Africa trip.
  10. An Instant Camera – I’ll let Bonnie tell you which is her favorite tomorrow.
  11. Cork Globe.
  12. Continent Pillows – for constant travel inspiration.
  13. Travel Cord and Gear Organizer.
  14. Love my Kindle Paperwhite for reading in the dark or, alternatively, in bright direct sunlight. 
  15. Water Bottle with Built-in Filter.
  16. Lay-n-Go Cosmetic Case.
  17. Bandi Pocket Belt – another fashionable way to stash your stuff. 
  18. Selfie Stick – I know. But they’re fun!
  19. Chipolo Item Finder – for lost keys and cell phones. 
  20. Scratch off Travel Map – to track your progress around the globe.

BONUS – Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

  1. Travel Soap
  2. Collapsible Water Bottle.
  3. Folding Toothbrush
  4. First-aid kit that attaches to your camera bag. 
  5. RFID theft-blocking credit card and passport sleeves. 

With Black Friday sales coming up, now’s also a good time to stock up on:

Happy shopping!

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