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Which of these two photos looks more appetizing?

IMG_20160504_125447_1food stock photos

Bonnie here, again, taking food stock photos this week.

Today I have the easiest food photo trick for you – one that works wonders. Can you tell what it is from the above shots?

These were taken on the same table, with the same lens, at the same window, just seconds apart.

But what’s interesting is how much more inviting the second photo feels… and it’s all because of the angle of the light.

In the first photo, the light was hitting my subject directly from the front. I took it from between the window and the noodles.

In the second photo, I turned my soup so that the window was behind it. Notice how the light reflects off the soup, the sauce on top, and even makes the little green onion slices glow a little?

In most cases, when you’re photographing food, you want the light to come from BEHIND or to the side of your subject.

Simply hold up a reflector or a $1.50 piece of white foam core if you want to add some light to the front of your shot.

Try this and your friends will think you’re suddenly a master chef… when all you did is spin the bowl around 180 degrees.

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