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If you like to travel and would like to sell your photos, I generally steer you toward these three markets…

1. Stock

2. Fine art

3. Editorial (magazines/newspapers/websites)

Many of our pros will say: start with stock.  It encourages you to shoot more and improve your skills while eliminating the need to market your images (the agencies do this for you).

But stock is a numbers game.  You need thousands of good mages in your portfolio to make thousands of dollars.  It’s like investing in a marathon instead of a sprint.  Get the snowball rolling today so you can build a snowman by Christmas.

With editorial and fine art, the money comes much faster (and in bigger chunks), but, once the sprint is over, you need to repeat the sale in order to get another check.   

Lucky for you, the need for good travel images in these two markets is never-ending and if you’re shooting for editorial, your pictures sometimes come with free hotel stays, meals, and resort packages, too, which is also nice.

And, of course, if you like to take pictures, and you’re also attracted to the idea of building something, these kinds of photography are incredibly lucrative, too…

1. Headshots

2. Portraits

3. Family photos

4. Pet photography

5. Newborns

Step One in any of these markets is to: Make a decision.

Remember the golden success circle…

travel writing and photography

Decide today that you’re going to try and sell some of your pictures and then allow yourself 2-3 hours this week to actually sit down and read more about these markets.

It’s funny how powerful a decision can be.  

Step two: Get the right information.

There are two kinds of information: Surface and insider.  Surface is what you can find online.  Google: How to edit images in Lightroom, How to sell pictures online, how to apply to a stock agency.

Insider information, however, is much more valuable.  That’s what’s inside our programs, but you can also look through our archives for what’s working for other members, advice from our pros, and use the search bar to search for things like: which stock agencies are best (if you’re new, start with Bigstock and build a portfolio there before going to other agencies. Bigstock is a little easier to get into than some of the others and it’ll help you get used to the process before you apply elsewhere).

You need both types of information to move forward.  

Step three: Find the courage.

One of the greatest things Vanessa Van Edwards says in our Confidence Program is that building confidence isn’t really about turning introverts into extroverts.  It’s just about pushing past fears and recognizing which situations make you feel the most comfortable (and uncomfortable).

Successful people have the same fears as those who get caught up by fear.  The only difference is that successful people move forward anyway.

And finally, step four: Take action.

Not perfect action.  Just action.

When you spend too much time trying to get everything right before you begin, you find you actually never begin.  You’ll never feel ready.  You’ll always feel like there’s more to learn and research because there IS always more to learn and research!!

But when you put one foot in front of the other and just start something, even if it’s imperfect, you make progress.

So here’s a quick peek inside a Facebook post of one of our All-Access Pass members asking which websites our pros and other successful members use to sell their photos.  You’ll see my comment at the end which circles back to everything I’m saying here.








Pick one of these sites and take action today…

As Mark Twain said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” 

Go start something new today… 

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