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Aaaah… your vacation is finally here. The hotel staff graciously checks you into your suite. They offer you a welcome drink and carry your bags to your room. As they open the door, you notice that the light streaming in the windows is gorgeous. You kick off your shoes and… — WAIT!  — Before you flop down on that bed… grab your camera. The first 10 minutes of your vacation (you know, that short period of time before your suitcase explodes) are a treasure trove of potential stock photos. Here’s a few examples of how to take quality hotel photos you can sell to online stock sites later. First, take a minute and snap some photos of the room all made up: how to take quality hotel photos Get little details like the towels neatly folded on the bed: shutterstock_1517734 The sparkling clean bathroom: shutterstock_48642451-2 And the tropical fruit plate in the corner of the room: Fruit plate Then you can take a nap. Later, you can snap a few shots of the lobby: shutterstock_142474096 Maybe meander out to the pool and snap a few more out there, too: shutterstock_41664772 Heck, you could even upload them all to your stock sites that night and start selling them before your vacation ends! (Just watch for logos and trademarks – no “Hilton” on the hand towels, please.) Stock photography makes a vacation more fun, even in the first 10 minutes. Wherever you go, it’s like you’re on a mini treasure hunt. In the hotel… at the beach… in the local markets and shops… anyplace could be a potential stock photo “hunting ground.” Travel, vacation, and hospitality photos sell well as stock. Which means that all you have to do is keep your eyes open and shoot. Share on Facebook

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