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Open up your computer, go to your pictures folder, and click through your favorite photos.

Pick out your favorites and set them aside. You may already have a handful of images just sitting on your computer that you can sell to stock agencies.

What’s so great about selling your photos as stock? Lots of things.

You don’t have to deal with clients. You don’t have to print your photos or drag a heavy portfolio book around to galleries. In fact, once your photos are online and you’ve inserted a few keywords so people can find them… all that’s left for you to do is collect the checks for weeks… months… even years to come.

Here’s a screenshot of some of the photos I currently have up for sale in an agency…

You can photograph fun stuff you love — travel… food… your pets… things around your hometown… whatever you like.

Take a peek today at these three websites — all online stock photo agencies — and do a few searches for different subjects. Try food, travel, love or anything you like.

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