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Right now, your fellow readers of this newsletter are literally making money from their photos every day. 

Every day!

Some sell photos online in stock photo agencies… some as fine art prints… others sell to magazines, websites, and publications… and still others directly to clients.

And nearly 100% of them got started without a photography background or loads of fancy equipment. 

If you’re waiting for the timing to be right… for your talents to grow… for a nicer camera or a better computer… then you’re wasting time.

Start now. The longer you wait, the more potential income you’re leaving behind. Take it from fellow readers Theresa St John and Maggie Martin, who share the most recent photos they’ve sold…

Photo Success Case Study #5: Theresa St John

Sell photos - Theresa
Professional Background: Retail

Specialty: Travel and Editorial Photography

Main Markets: Stock, Editorial, Fine Art, Client work – Website

What’s the number-one way you’ve been rewarded for giving photography a try?

Photography has truly opened up the world. I feel the reward, for me, is that I see things in a totally different way and I get to share the story of what I see/feel with others, while getting paid for it.

What’s the most recent photo you’ve sold?

sell photos

This photo of the Tulip Festival in Albany. I had never seen such pretty tulips and took over 100 images. I sold this one to a girlfriend who had just completed a three-season porch and loved the colors. We were just looking at the images over a cup of coffee. She bought a matted print for $120. I will put this in an art/photography show this September and hope to sell it there, as well.

What would you tell someone who’s hesitating to start?

There are SO many different ways you can sell your photography and it is SO much fun taking the picture, you just have to start right where you are, with the camera you have.

Photo Success Case Study #6: Maggie Martin

Sell photos - Maggie

Professional Background: Writing, Travel Writing

Specialty: Travel Photography

Main Market: Editorial

Travel Blog:

What’s the number-one way you’ve been rewarded for giving photography a try?

By writing articles and illustrating them with my photos and then selling them to magazines, and on-line.

What’s the most recent photo you’ve sold?


This is the most recent photo I have sold. It’s selling in one of my stock agencies, Shutterstock. It is called Fishing village on stilts, Tonle Sap, Cambodia. 

What would you tell someone who’s hesitating to start?

If writing is a passion for you, just write a filler article (200 words) on food or whatever. Grab a business card and write a review of the restaurant. Offer it to a local magazine or paper. You have to imagine the pure joy of seeing yourself in print for the first time. Just get clicking those shutters and put pen to paper… right now. You can do it. Just go for it. 

For more inspiration, read Case Studies #7 and #8.

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