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Take a look at these pictures… Did they make you smile? If they didn’t, scroll back up for a second and take a good hard look at that baby’s face… I’m even smiling as I write this… I just can’t help it. If those pictures did make you smile, imagine how much fun being behind the camera must have been for the photographer. He (or she) probably spent an afternoon playing with a puppy… cooing at a baby… dressing a friend up as Paris Hilton… all in the name of fun (well, fun and profits—as all three are currently generating sales on stock photo sites). What these models (along with their photographers behind the scenes) are doing is something we all need to do a little more of each and every day… They’re PLAYING. Play is a catalyst. Just a little dose of play benefits all other aspects of our lives, making us more productive and happier on the whole. A moment of play is thought of as a “meaningless” moment of our day. But actually, it’s what makes the day memorable and worthwhile. Dr. Stuart Brown, an expert on play and its effects on the human psyche, says, “Just as in children, adult streams of consciousness are enriched through the simulations of childlike imaginative play.” Photography is the perfect way to utilize your imagination… And you are fully capable of creating photos that can entertain or please people like the ones above. You just have to step out of the box, loosen up a little, and allow yourself to have fun! Share on Facebook

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