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Even the most gorgeous pair of eyes can use a little help in Photoshop to bring out their “sparkle.” Take a look at these baby blues, before and after about 5 minutes in Photoshop: Before Photoshop (already gorgeous): After Photoshop (Ooooooh, stormy!): I did this simply using the Dodge and Burn tools at around 25% or lower.  You can also do this in Lightroom using the Adjustment Brush to add or subtract exposure. Areas to Dodge (make lighter): whites of eyes, “starburst” pattern inside irises, reflection on eyes Areas to Burn (make darker): rims of irises, pupils, line along upper and lower eyelids (optional) If you try this, you want to do it with a light touch and make sure that the end result looks natural, not “cartoonish.” Here’s the before and after when you zoom out: Before: After: The effect is subtle… but it does make a difference in the end. And keep in mind that subtle is good. Here’s what it looks like if you go too far: When your photo subject starts to look like she has superpowers, it’s time to dial it back. Share on Facebook

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