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Imagine if you had an extra $9,000 to take you anywhere you wanted to go in the next year… If you’re in the U.S., you could escape the cold winter this December and fly to Australia for their summer season… stay in a nice hotel with beautiful views of the harbor, and enjoy some of the finest seafood on Sydney Harbour’s Blackwattle Bay. You could try surfing… see koalas up close… hand-feed kangaroos… walk through rainforest aviaries… observe giant crocodiles… and even take a trip to nearby Hunter Valley to sample some of this hemisphere’s finest wines… With another $1,000 to splurge on food and fun, this trip would cost you about $3,500. With $5,500 left over, you could then skip over to another continent and enjoy some camping in Africa this January… For $1,740, with meals included you could go to Kenya for 10 days . You’ll explore Northern Kenya, one of the remotest and most striking parts of the African continent, where you’ll encounter elephant herds, lions, and leopards, and meet tribespeople in remote areas, far away from the beaten tourist path. And, with roundtrip flights starting at $909, you’re looking at $2,649 for this trip. With $2,851 still left to spend… you could then enjoy a spring fling in Paris, France. A round-trip flight there starts at $853 coming from the U.S. Once in Paris, you could splurge a little… stay in the Tour Eiffel room at the “Design Hotel Secret de Paris,” at $253 a night, where the headboard is made of silvered wood struts, and has a life-like image of the city, creating the illusion you’re looking down over the City of Light. Then pay extra to skip the lines at the Eiffel Tower and learn how to cook French pastries and desserts, like chocolate truffles or gingerbread ice cream, with a professional chef. If you set aside $1,000 for trying out a variety of foods and activities and add in four nights’ hotel ($1,012) and your flight ($853), your trip comes to about $3,100. Basically, $9,000 could go a long way in funding your next vacation or vacations.  And I know a group who are paying photographers that much for hometown photos.  They buy in bulk – hundreds of photos at a time.  And they typically pay in three deposits: the first when you strike a deal; the second after you send the first batch of photos; and the third when they’re finished with them. You can read more about this new opportunity here. And stay tuned this week. Tomorrow, we’re going to look at five simple photos you could take at home – that could put $3,500 to $9,000 in your travel account – when you’re working on this type of project. Share on Facebook

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