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One of my goals this year is to upload 10 new photos to my stock agencies each month. But I haven’t felt inspired to shoot this week. It’s raining. And even though spring flowers are popping up everywhere, I seem to be glued to the couch. So I gave myself a little challenge: Take 10 stock-worthy photos in 20 minutes.

First, I took a look back at the Breakfast Stock Club Premium “Rainy” Roadmap, for some tips and inspiration on taking “Rainy Day” photos for stock. 

Next, I glanced at the “Macro” Roadmap, to brush up on some macro tips and get inspired. Then I grabbed my camera, donned my raincoat, and headed out the door. With 20 minutes and a trip around the block, I think I accomplished my goal.

Here are my 10 favorites from the shoot, which I’ll upload to my agencies this weekend:









daffodil bud

I’m still planning to make 2014 my best year ever in photography, and I’m not going to let a little rain stop me! If you’re slowing down on your goals for the year, or you’re out of inspiration, find a way to get motivated.

Pick up your camera and take a walk around the block.

Challenge yourself to take at least ONE, two, five, or 20 knock-out photos.

And Premium Members, remember you can always look back to past Roadmaps for inspiration in nearly 40 different stock photo subjects, from indoor holiday and seasonal photos to nature, to pets, to arts and crafts, to “characters,” to landscape, sports, games, food, travel… the list goes ON! Click on any of them for a sudden burst of inspiration to get shooting.

Bonnie Caton
Creator, Breakfast Stock Club

P.S. Premium Members get monthly photo reviews and video lessons to keep them motivated and learning… PLUS access to all of our previous Roadmaps — guides written by professional stock photographers to show exactly HOW to take photos of your favorite subjects so they’ll entice photo buyers into paying you to do what you love. Try it out for a month, here. There’s never any obligation to stay, but plenty of motivation to keep you going!

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