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When Deborah Kolb joined us in Maui for our first-ever stock photography workshop in Hawaii, she had no idea one of her photos would land her an all-expenses-paid trip to Tahiti from Islands Magazine. photo contest (This photo was taken during our night luau shoot.) Now, I know… I know – not all photo contests are created equal.  You need to read the guidelines and make sure the sheer act of entering your image doesn’t strip you of its copyright and the ability to sell it. But on the flip side, photo contests can be quite lucrative and fun.  And they often come with cool prizes even if you don’t win first place. Here are a few quick dos and don’ts since you’re hopefully going through your images this month for our Photo Challenge… PHOTO CONTEST DOs: ‣ Do follow the submission guidelines closely. ‣ Do look for ways to make your photo stand out. Stick to the rules, but be creative and insightful in how you compose your photos. ‣ Do pay attention to the audience of the publication hosting the contest. ‣ Do research past winners. PHOTO CONTEST DON’Ts: ‣ Don’t send in out-of-focus pictures. ‣ Don’t send in poorly-exposed photos. ‣ Don’t miss deadlines. ‣ Don’t leave out elements that were specified in the photo rules. And again, ALWAYS read the guidelines to ensure you’re not giving away your very best photo without any right to resell it for a CHANCE to win a prize. More details about our Photo Challenge this month are here. Share on Facebook

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