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It’s Day Three of our Photography Expedition here in Peru’s Sacred Valley, and we just got a tip from professional photographer Efrain Padro for turning a day like today into more income…

His advice?

Wait for it. The shot, that is.

Here’s what I mean…

While wandering around the village of Ollantaytambo (say that three times fast), I took this photo of a cool door:

patience is a virtue

Just as I was about to move on, I heard Efrain say “Wait for it!” So I waited. And here was my next shot:


Sometimes the best shots happen when you find a good background and wait for your subject to appear. In this case, my subject walked right into the frame.

Other times, you’ll set up a shot and wait for good light. In fact, it might even be worth it to wait a day or two for the weather to clear.

We got lucky today and photographed the Andes with clear skies:



But you won’t always be so lucky while traveling. These mountains usually aren’t visible. And that’s exactly why we’ve scheduled two visits to Machu Picchu, yay!

I’ve already seen a big improvement in everyone’s photos here, thanks to tips like this from Efrain. It’s amazing how a little over-the-shoulder advice can make a big difference.

Diana, one of our participants in this expedition here in Peru, told us that learning to shoot in Aperture Priority mode was worth the trip on its own.

Allen says he likes the compositional tips he’s learning.

Colleen likes the one-on-one help and easy access to Efrain.

And Kitson said we’ve renewed her interest in photography.

While you can’t keep a little Efrain in your pocket to remind you to “wait for it” whenever you shoot… you can travel to beautiful locations with him and other experts ready to teach you how to both create great images and also sell them.

When you do, you’ll watch your skills improve in record time… all while you take in the cultures and landscapes of other nations.

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