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Whether you’re looking only for last-minute gifts — or you’re just beginning to shop — read on below for a wide variety of options at all sorts of prices.


** The Dangerous Book for Boys ( — for dads and sons.
** Me Talk Pretty One Day ( — for everyone (especially those who like traveling to France).
** Freakonomics ( — for the business minded.


** Stephen King on Writing: ( – this was my favorite book this year.
** The Elements of Style, Strunk and White (
** The Best American Travel Writing 2007: (
** Travel magazine subscriptions (I like Budget Travel, Conde Naste Traveler, and National Geographic Traveler. You can subscribe to each of these on their respective websites.)
** The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program.
** The 10 Best of Everything from National Geographic (
** The Kindness of Strangers, from Armchair Reading (
** An online-subscription to the New York Times (
** The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World, from Lonely Planet (


** Hand-held language translator — some come in five or more languages
** GSM phone (to make calls from abroad) — available at most phone stores.
** Space bags — these handy plastic bags are used for packing. You can stuff all your clothes in and squeeze the air out to compress your load. (
** Subscription to — Featuring hundreds of books, radio shows, courses, speeches, etc. that you can download into your mp3 player ( )
** World wall map and pushpins to track past adventures and future travel plans
** Packable Panama Hat — for men (
** Noise-canceling headphones
** Membership in US Servas (free home stays around the world), (
** A Footprint guidebook — travel off the beaten path. (
** Kids’ Travel Art & Games Tote — for long car trips (
** GPS device — This is ESPECIALLY useful for the person who gets lost and refuses to ask for directions. (
** All-in-one travel charger for laptops and phones — available at most electronics stores.
** A traveler’s first aid kit or sewing kit
** Hands-free headset — good for somebody who might want to use Skype to make calls home through a computer or for anyone who talks on a cell phone while doing housework, driving, or working with their hands.
** Earplanes ear plugs — reduce air plane cabin pressure on ear drums. For kids or adults. (


See yesterday’s e-letter for a camera accessory buying guide. Plus…
** Gift certificate to B&H Photo, a store that has almost everything photo-related, at good prices (
** A digital camera (Read our camera buying guide first:
** Lastolite folding reflector — bounces light onto photo subject and fits in camera bag (
** Memory cards (with card reader and protector) — But before you pick one, make sure you know what type of camera the gift recipient has.
** Camera rain cover — range in price from $20 to $200 (
** Camera-mounted level for a straight horizon.
** Subscription to digital photo magazines, like Digital Photographer, Digital Photo Pro, or Photoshop User Magazine
** Soft stretchy neoprene neck strap for heavier cameras (
** An extra camera battery
** Shutter release cable to eliminate motion blur when you snap a picture (
** An ultra-light ball-head tripod, because if it’s heavy, they’re going to leave it at home.
** A lightweight, sturdy camera bag with room for lots of accessories
** Photoshop Elements or the more professional Photoshop Lightroom
** Travel digital memory storage device, Epson P4000


** Gift card to a bookstore, or on-line credit at
** Flash drive — you can never back up enough, and these are ultra-light. You can also bring them to internet cafes and upload your files to send.
** Portable hard drive — more storage than a flash drive.
** Gift card to a favorite coffee shop
** A travel journal that lies flat when open, and a waterproof pen
** Writer’s Market Online subscription (
** An ultra-light and portable laptop to stay productive while traveling — compare brands here: (
** A subscription to some magazines they’d like to write for
** An ergonomic keyboard that’ll be easier on those typing hands
** Quicklink pen — These amazing devices can translate, scan, and even help dyslexic readers! (

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Staff Picks wish list — and another unique gift idea on Saturday.

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