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Can you be a travel writer or photographer without going anywhere? Yes, you can. Freelance writer Jen Stevens stresses at our travel writing workshops, and outlines in the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program, this one simple, but potent strategy: Start locally. Maybe you aspire to write articles for Budget Travel, National Geographic, or Travel + Leisure. But Jen suggests that when you’re just starting out, you’ll likely have better luck getting published — and paid — if you start by writing about things close to home, and submitting your local articles to smaller, regional magazines. The same goes with photography. Professional stock photographer Efrain Padro, for one, makes a good living selling his photos of New Mexico and surrounding states to regional magazines and publications. In fact, he’s arranged for local magazines to send their photo needs to him. He’ll tell you more about how to do that later this week. Today, here’re two regional magazines, based in the Pacific Northwest, where you can get paid for your travel stories and/or photos. — Bonnie Bonnie Caton Great Escape Publishing November 5, 2009 **************** Featured Publication: Northwest Magazines Website: ****************

Two Paying Magazines in the Great Northwest

By Janette Jones in Cambridge, MD Northwest Regional Magazines is looking for new and established writers and photographers for its two bimonthly, full-color, family-oriented magazines, Northwest Travel and Oregon Coast. Photographers take note: they’re also in need of photos for their two calendars and several travel guides. Before submitting to either magazine, you can get a feel for the look and content by clicking on the magazine image on the Northwest Magazine main site. You can’t read entire issues online, but you can browse through the titles and read a few “web exclusives.” Or you can request a sample printed copy for $5. Northwest Travel magazine covers Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska. Readers will find articles with titles like “Crawfish Camping — Catch your own crustaceans while camping” and “Steigerwald: A Migratory Crossroads — History, hiking, and exceptional birding are all a part of this wildlife refuge.” The editor gives a list of suggested topics for general interest travel as well as adventure travel in the General Guidelines for Writers and Photographers. Don’t forget to consult the guidelines for explicit submission details for both articles and photos. For story submissions: All queries must be submitted in writing by mail (Northwest Regional Magazines, 4969 Highway 101 N, Suite 2, Florence, OR 97439) or e-mail (Rosemary Camozzi, editor). Keep your query brief. Include an outline of your story idea and exact details about locations. Don’t submit more than three story ideas per query letter. Include writing samples or links to your previously published clips. Payment is based on the quality and length of your finished story. For example, a regular feature (up to three pages, with supporting photos/art, running 600 to 1,250 words long), pays $100 to $250. A special feature (more than three pages, with supporting photos/art, extensive research, and running 1,250 to 2,500 words long), pays $250 to $450. Stories published in the Worth A Stop Department (which are brief, colorful, informative, and generally 250 to 500 words long), pay $50 to $100. For photo submissions: Northwest Regional Magazines doesn’t send out want lists but will review your relevant work. Send a maximum of 40 sample images (preferably on a CD, although emailing them is acceptable). The editors are looking for scenic photos for their calendars, and scenic and human interest photos for their magazines and guides. Photographs must be current and shot within the last five years. The annual deadline for calendars is May 15, so you’ve got time to plan for 2011. Photo payment is for one-time rights, with the understanding that no photos will be published in any similar magazine within two months. For the magazines, cover photos pay $425; full, inside page stand-alone photos pay $100, photos smaller than a full page pay $25 to $55. For calendars, cover and inside pages pay $100. For guides, cover and inside pages pay $100 to $200, depending on circulation. [Editor’s Note: Learn more about how you can turn your pictures into cash in our free online newsletter The Right Way to Travel.  Sign up here today and we’ll send you a new report, Selling Photos for Cash: A Quick-Start Guide, completely FREE.]

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