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The best camera is the one you have with you. Well, these days the camera you probably always have with you is your cell phone. And I bet you take a good number of photos with it throughout a typical day. What if I told you that those photos might be worth money? More and more stock sites are accepting images taken with a mobile device. In fact, some even have apps to make it easier for you to submit the shots you take right from your phone. Now I know you might be thinking, “Wait a second, what about all that money I spent on my nice big camera?” Never fear, there is still plenty of demand for high quality images taken with professional cameras. Think of mobile phone photography as just one more option — another way to increase your stock portfolios. Hand with smartphone taking food photo of fresh breakfast with coffee and croissantsPortrait of beautiful young woman take a photo with mobile phone Phones are great at capturing spontaneous moments and slices of everyday life because they’re small, portable, and unimposing. And, of course, since they connect directly to the internet, you can instantly share your shots with all your friends. That’s what stock photo buyers want right now. Photos that feel real, genuine, and authentic. In fact, they want photos that LOOK like something you’d put up on Facebook. Thanks to the wonders of technology, you have the ability to take a photo, edit it, and submit it all in the palm of your hands. Next week I’ll send you three quick tips for taking better mobile phone photos as stock. In the meantime, this month’s Summer Sprint theme is: Mobile Stock Photography! It should be easy to take 100 stock-worthy photos this week, because you can do it all with your smart phone. Premium Members: Refer to your “Mobile Stock” Roadmap on your Premium Member page for all the juicy details on what kinds of phone photos sell, and how to keyword them. — Bonnie Bonnie Caton Creator, Breakfast Stock Club P.S. If you’re not a Premium Member, try it out right now to get TWO photo reviews per month in June, July, and August. We’re aiming to build up our portfolios with stock-worthy images by the time the biggest buying season rolls around this fall. Even if you only do it for the next three months, it’s totally worth it. Sign up here.

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