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In this newsletter, we talk about how to sell your photos. Here are some of the fun places our members have found their photos recently below, with some advice on how you can get started selling yours too…

Michael Gauthier spotted his yoga shot on this billboard fitness ad…

how to sell your photos

(That’s Michael’s picture on the left while his model recreates the pose on the ground below.)

Meanwhile, his Ottawa Chamberfest photos were snapped up by the Ottawa Chamber Music Society for the cover of its Annual Report two years running…


Elizabeth Coughlan was surprised to see her iconic Paris photo (one she shot on our Paris stock photography expedition) turn up in Cosmopolitan…the Croatian version!


Other photos from this shoot made it onto and an online Croatian travel magazine…

Theresa St. John, who came to our Ultimate Money-Making Photo Workshop two years ago, has been finding her pictures all over the web, including these tasty Ipswich fried clams on…


And, professional photographer Shelly Perry was delighted to spot one of her Galapagos images on the Apple Store (it’s displayed on the student’s laptop screen below)…


What I love most about these shots is that they were taken while the photographers were out enjoying life…from the concert hall to the streets of Paris…to a seafood restaurant…

Whether you travel five minutes or five hours beyond your home, the whole world is your studio.

Come and get all the skills you need to start enjoying the fun and freedom of the travel photographer’s life…and hear what’s new in the photo world at this year’s Ultimate Money-Making Photography Workshop in Portland.

Drone photography is big this year.  The equipment will set you back $900-$1,300 but drone photos and videos are selling like hotcakes right now.  Join us in Portland and meet the participants who are finding the most success and see for yourself how this is done and how you can profit from it.

Weather photography is still big, too.  In Portland, you’ll meet one past participant who’s earned more than $30,000 so far selling weather photographs.

Your options are endless when it comes to selling pictures and the time to start is NOW!

Seats are going fast and we always sell out.  This single weekend in Portland will change the way you travel and take pictures from here on out.  Photography is a fun and creative way to make a part- or full-time income.

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