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Spending just a few minutes editing your images has a big impact on your stock photo sales. Following is an example of how Lightroom improves photos.

Let’s say you’re a designer. You’re looking for photos of cherry blossoms. So you type “cherry blossom” in the search bar on a stock site and the first thing you see is a page of thumbnails: how Lightroom improves photos Which of these images are you most likely to buy? Will it be one of the bright, happy ones… or that dull, grey-looking one in the top row? Stock agencies are full of bright, colorful photos. All it takes is a few minutes in a processing program like Lightroom to add color and pop, turning your photo into a contender. Let me show you how Lightroom improves photos… Here’s the same dull photo from above, before and after one minute of processing in Lightroom: cherryblossom-30822913 cherryblossom-process-30822913 Yes, that took just one minute!  And yes, it makes a BIG difference in your sales. Think of processing your images as “finishing” them before they’re ready to sell. With this photo, I adjusted the exposure, contrast, color temperature, and tone curve. It sounds complicated. But it’s not. In fact, it’s fun.  Lightroom makes it a breeze. Read more Lightroom and Photoshop editing tips here. Share on Facebook


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