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Last week, we talked about why taking photos from your own unique perspective will help them sell better as stock. (If you missed that issue, you’ll find it here.) How do you get from you, your camera, and your subject… to a unique and saleable photo? ANSWER: You work the shot.

  1. Start with your camera and an object (or person).
  2. Take a few test shots to get your exposure and focus right.
  3. Take the first few photos that occur to you.Note: This is where many people would say “ok, that’s good,” and stop. But not you.
  4. Go crazy! Change it up as many different ways as you can until you’ve completely exhausted the possibilities.
  5. Choose which photos you like best out of the session and upload those to your stock agencies.
  6. Rinse and repeat.

If you’re not sure how to “add your own unique perspective,” try making a list of all the different perspectives you can think of before you shoot. For example:

  • Up high
  • Down low
  • Directly above
  • Directly below (through something transparent)
  • From the subject’s perspective
  • Far away, including the scene
  • Super up-close including only details
  • Etc.

Now, I challenge you to try this with one simple object. Just grab any object, get your camera, and see how creative you can get after this stock photography tip. I’ll do the same and post my results next week.

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