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It’s Day Three of our Photography Expedition here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and we just got a tip from professional photographer Daniel Nahabedian for turning a day like today into more income… His advice? Shoot everything 10 times. He told us today that a photo worth taking is a photo worth taking five to 10 times from all different angles and all different perspectives. In order to get on a magazine cover, he said, you have to have a vertical photo in your collection.  But a two-page spread on the inside requires a horizontal shot. Most billboards are horizontal.  But most stock photos purchased for picture frames are vertical. Different markets want different things, so it’s in your best interest to shoot each subject more than two to three times if you want choices. Now sure how? Here are seven different ways of looking at the same thing… As a horizontal… photo angles As a vertical… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA From the side… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Down low… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Over the shoulder… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA On an angle… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Just a piece… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It’s fun! Daniel gave us this assignment to take home… Pick a subject and find 30 different ways to photograph it.  When you do, he said, you’ll be surprised at how fast your photography improves. And I believe him.  I saw a big difference in just three days.  And I’m not surprised. After all, Daniel went from buying his first camera in 2010 to making a full-time living with his photography in just one year.  He knows a lot of quick-learning tips like this. Share on Facebook

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