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Photo-editing is taking the world by storm… In fact, Facebook just recently bought Instagram, a booming photo-editing social media outlet, for $1 billion. If you’re not familiar with Instagram, it’s a program for smart phones that allows you to take a picture, slap a filter on it (you choose from twenty pre-set options), and then blast it out for all your friends to see. They can then “like” it or comment underneath it. It’s an incredibly simple way to share photos. And it’s nice because the pre-set filters you can choose from can make simple phone snapshots look amazing. Here are a few before and after snapshots applying an Instagram filter: photo editing with instagram Now, I’m not saying you can sell Instagram photos. I don’t know anyone who does. But Lightroom and a lot of other photo-editing programs have pre-set filters you can use like this, too. They’re not always a perfect fix for your photo… BUT, they’re fun.  And they’re great for everyday photos you want to share with friends. Instagram is a testament to how powerful photo processing is… and how simple it can be, too. (So powerful and simple, in fact, that Facebook bought it for $1 billion.) Play with it and see what a big difference it can make. I bet you’ll be hooked! Share on Facebook

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