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With Halloween fast approaching, here are the 10 biggest do’s and don’ts that will help you capture some truly chilling Halloween photos… 1. DO use a tripod when shooting in low light.  A tripod will reduce camera shake and vibration when your shutter speed is slower than 1/60 of a second (or 1 over the focal length of your lens).

Halloween photos

2. DON’T

be afraid to snap both vertical and horizontal shots of the same subject.  You may be surprised by the difference a simple turn of the camera can make.  Shooting from both directions will provide varying perspectives on the same subject, creating multiple unique pictures and two times the number of images you put in your portfolio or offer to an editor.



3. DO

include people in your photographs.  They will add interest, emotion, and perspective to your pictures.

Cute child holding small pumpkin

4. DON’T

forget to look down.   Most people photograph what’s right in front of them.  But sometimes, great photos are at our feet. autumn pumpkin on rustic wood 5. DO shoot from other unique angles, too.  Lay in the leaves or find a way to get up high.  Pulling away from the normal “snap shot” mentality will make way for some truly exceptional photographs… and it’s good practice. kids on halloween halloween 6. DON’T always place your subject in the center.   80%-90% of the photos you take can benefit from the Rule of Thirds.  Just imagine a tic-tac-toe grid when you look through your camera and place your subject along any one of those grid lines. Sweet boy with pumpkin in a costume 7. DO fill the frame.  Start by getting close to your subject…and then a little closer.  Leave absolutely no space around them and gradually pull back to create a perfectly composed photo. brother and two sisters on  Halloween party 8. DON’T forget to raise your ISO for night time shots.  While a low ISO setting (100-200 ISO) will create sharp images in normal light, a higher speed can reduce camera shake for your low-light, evening photographs. shadow sneaking in the forest 9. DO remember to shoot something for stock with a nice clean area for graphic designers to write text. Pumpkins against white background, top view 10. DON’T forget to have fun!  The opposite of success isn’t failure… it’s never trying at all.  Get out and play with your camera this Halloween.  Have fun experimenting with different angles and composition.  Not only will you create some BOOtiful photos, but playing will also put you in a SPOOKtacular mood! ハロウィンの子供 Share on Facebook

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