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“Investment in your skill brings confidence and confidence brings opportunities.” – Lori Allen

Great Escape Radio Host, Jody Maberry and Director, Lori Allen discuss the basics of getting started in photography: what equipment you need and which investment is more important—the investment in your skill or investment in equipment.

At our recent Photography Workshop in San Diego, Lori received a lot of questions about cameras. She brings forward some of those questions and answers them for listeners.

“Nobody asks a chef what kind of pots they use,” says Lori. “Nobody eats a good meal and says ‘man, this guy must have a great set of pots,’ but, when people see a great picture, they want to know what kind of camera it was taken with.”

Lori breaks down what you’re buying when you choose a camera…

Cameras do affect the image quality – there is some truth to that. But it’s not as much as people think. When you’re buying a camera, you’re buying a few things:

  • Durability
  • Weather sealing
  • Performance in low light
  • Possibly image stabilization
  • Possibly shutter speed

What a lot of people don’t realize is that a lot of the creative effects you see in an amazing photograph are coming from the lens and not the camera body.

“People spend the bulk of their research on the camera body but shoot with a crappy lens. But you should really do more research on the lens.”

Lori’s recommendations for camera equipment differ from those you’ll find in a Google search. Her recommendations will be…

  • Light in weight
  • Easy to navigate through the viewfinder
  • Efficient with respect to battery usage—she doesn’t want to lug around tons of extra batteries
  • Designed with the ISO and aperture settings on the outside of the camera instead of hidden in a menu somewhere
  • A brand with a great line of lenses

And, it won’t cost anywhere near the $8,000 a professional photographer would spend on a camera.

Listen in to hear which brands Lori loves—and those she doesn’t. You’ll also get her tips for what matters most… an investment in your skills or an investment in equipment.

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