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Bonnie here, again, with another fun and playful photo project that takes three photos and turns them into one amazing gift: This is an idea that I found on a photographer’s blog, and decided to give it a try, with great results! Here are my tips for getting it right: 1. Prep your frame. Go with something big enough that the photo-in-the-photo won’t appear too small. I went with 8×10. I also decided to make it simple and go with white, though you could pick a different color. To make everything simple, I took the glass and poster board out of the frame and turned the paper insert around to make it white inside. 2. Take some photos. You can go with three generations or even four. Have grandma or grandpa, as well as mom or dad, hold the frame in their photos, and baby (or whoever is in the last frame) on his or her own, like this: Try to photograph each of your subjects on a similar background, in the same light, and leave enough room to crop your photos to the dimension of the frame. If you’re going for an 8×10, you’ll need to crop some off the top and bottom… so make sure you have enough room to crop. 3. Put them together in Photoshop. Watch my quick how-to video here. 4. Print, assemble, wrap, and deliver! Consider using a semi-gloss or “luster” paper, rather than full glossy, as it could stick to the glass inside the frame. Then, put the photo into the original frame and get ready to melt someone’s heart. Variations: You could have each person hold a different frame, or you could do both grandparents in the first photo, then both parents, then the kids. Heck, you could even have the kid hold a photo of the family dog or their favorite toy! Most importantly, get creative with it and have fun. Share on Facebook

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