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We’re already one month into 2015. What are your goals for the year? To be your own boss? Make more online income? Have location independence? What about working from your laptop from anywhere on earth — Aruba, Tahiti, Hawaii, you choose? If any (or all) of these things sound good to you, you should consider starting a blog. Not just any old blog, mind…but one that has the power to earn you up to six figures a year… Why Blogging for Money Rules There are plenty of reasons why making an income blogging can change your life for the better. 1. You set your own hours  Hate getting up before 10 a.m.? Not a problem. Want to take a surfing break in the middle of your workday? Go for it. You call the shots. When you get paid to blog, there’s no set schedule to follow… or boss looking over your shoulder. It takes a special kind of discipline to get your work done when you have this level of freedom — but it’s well worth it for that elusive “work/life balance” everyone craves. 2. You can work from anywhere  A little café tucked away in a Paris side street…a balcony overlooking the waves that crash on a beach in the Virgin Islands…on a train crossing the English countryside en route to the next adventure… All you need is your laptop and a WiFi connection, and your office can be anywhere in the world. Blogging grants you the freedom to go wherever, whenever and take your business along with you. 3. You set your own standard of living  Would you rather live in a big, bustling metropolis like New York? Or in a cozy cottage in a little-known village of Costa Rica with low rent and an ocean view? Your income will be the same wherever you go, so you can travel and live wherever you choose – and, in many places, allow those dollars to stretch farther so you enjoy a richer lifestyle. 4. You get paid to do what you love  The ultimate freedom in life is turning your passion into profit. No more staying chained to a desk until that one week a year when you get to do what you want with your life. Now your life and your job are intertwined, and every day feels like play, even when you’re “working.” That’s not to say blogging isn’t hard work, but you’ll be much happier spending time and energy on something that’s in line with your interests. How to Get Paid to Blog So, how exactly can you turn that travel or lifestyle blog into a money-making machine? The possibilities are endless, but here are a few of the most common ways people monetize their blogs. Combine several of these strategies, and you could build a nice little income stream for yourself.

  • Sell an e-book
  • Create an online course or webinar that teaches people a new skill
  • Sell ad space
  • Sell affiliate products
  • Do paid reviews
  • Offer your writing services
  • Offer consulting or coaching services

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