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Many people dream about getting paid to travel the world, yet so few make it happen.

It was my dream, too. But I didn’t just give it lip service; I made a plan to accomplish that goal. A big part of that was creating my travel blog, Luggage and Lipstick.

A travel blog is a versatile way to earn money for travel. I’ve been able to use my blog to get perks and create multiple income streams so that I could quit my day job and travel the world. Here are the top perks of travel blogging…

When you have a blog, you have a voice

Unlike travel writing, I have total creative license over what goes on my blog. I don’t have to follow an editor’s guidelines—and finding your voice is important to attract a following of like minds or readers who identify with you. The more you attract, the more you can be heard.

You become aninfluencer.

Once you have a solid number of people following your blog and social media, you can then reach out to tourism boards who are happy to give you travel perks and press trip invitations when they know they’ll be featured on your blog and in your social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. I save tens of thousands of dollars every year by going on all-expenses-paid luxury, adventure, and off-the-beaten path press trips.

You can sign on as a brand ambassador

Because of my blog and the following I’ve built, companies pay me to represent their travel-related products or services to my readers. It’s a nice little perk.

You’ll make money from ads and affiliate partnerships that make sense for your blog

Because my blog is about travel and adventure, it makes the most sense for my readers to see travel-related ads on my blog so these are the companies I partner with. You can also partner with Google who will pick and choose the ads for you and you’re paid per reader that clicks on them.

You’ll get invitations to write guest posts

Other blogs and travel websites pay me to write content for their site. This is a win-win because I get money and exposure and they get content.

You’ll be offered other writing opportunities (beyond blogging)

Travel information sites pay me to write promotions for their products and services (copywriting gigs) which I’m happy to do. 

Blogging can be a fun and profitable way to see the world on your own terms. I really enjoy it and see it more like a business card that screams: “Hire me! Send me to cool places and I’ll write for you.” And it works.

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