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A Photo Story By Kim Jackson

I would spend hours flipping through
National Geographic Magazine.

As far back as I can remember, I would spend hours flipping through National Geographic Magazine. I was immediately captivated by the strange-looking animals that lived in Africa. Where was Africa?

At a young age, I declared I would one day visit Africa to see these animals with my own eyes. Throughout the years, I kept that dream alive and never gave up. In June of 2019, I fulfilled my life-long dream at the age of fifty-nine and stepped off the plane in Uganda. To be that close to such magnificent animals was unbelievable!

Kim Jackson

About Kim Jackson ~ Kim is a new freelance travel writer, photographer, and is currently creating a blog called Traveling Boomerz. Her home is Agassiz in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She loves exploring nature, chasing waterfalls, and visiting new places. She enjoys traveling with family, going solo, and creating her own itineraries. Her travels have taken her to many places in North America, and recently to Uganda. Her “must go to” list includes Europe, Iceland, and back to Africa. Kim has stories published with Travel Post Monthly and Rovology. She is a member of the Travel Writer’s Café, TravMedia, and ITWPA.

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