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By Ira Schack ITWPA Member Breathe, as your heart races, for a few feet away a polar bear approaches. The overwhelming silence is broken as massive white paws break the frozen tundra. Looking deep into those black eyes, curiosity — not aggression — reflects back. Suddenly, serenity and pure joy take over, as he stops to pose for his portrait. Here’s what else awaits at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Wildlife: Polar bears, wolves, black bears, moose, fox, and snow geese meander about only a few feet away under the protective watch of world-class guides, giving you an unbelievable, unobstructed face-to-face encounter on foot. Northern lights: The lights cascade in their own rhythmic dance, turning the sky from light greens to reds and back to darker greens, as if the sky were alive with the wolf pack howling in tune. Sunrises and sunsets: The sky offers a palette of colors from the palest of reds to the brightest of oranges as the sun rises above the morning mist. Witness sunsets from open air decks, exploding across the horizon as the brilliant tapestry of colors contrasts magnificently against darkening skies. Food: Enjoy gourmet breakfasts and lunches of homemade steaming soups and sandwiches followed by three-course dinner extravagances, including decadent desserts so loved by guests that the chefs produced the Blueberries and Polar Bear Cookbook. Honored by National Geographic, the lodge has eight well-appointed rooms connected by observation decks leading to the heart of the lodge with its bone-warming floor-to-ceiling fireplace and comfy sofas. Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge by Churchill Wild, 1-866-846-9453, If you would like to purchase this article for your publication, please click here to contact the author directly.