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By Jan Schroder jan schroder bw TPM – What grabs your attention in a query? Jan – When a writer has demonstrated some knowledge of the topic and our site. For example, if you look at The Travel 100, you’ll see we have a category devoted to River Cruises. That means I’d be especially open to any pitches on that topic. Look at the categories of a site you are pitching to see what it focuses on. TPM – Name something that will send a query to the delete pile. Jan – As an editor, I don’t have much patience for typos and misspellings. A writer should take pride in their work and spelling words correctly and reviewing their work for typos is part of that. It shows they care about their work. About Jan Schroder—Jan Schroder is an award-winning journalist, author, and travel writer based in Atlanta. She is Editor-in-Chief of The Travel 100. The newsletter is delivered to 500,000 business professionals and subscribers around the country. T100 publishes reviews on most anything travel-related, including hotels, destinations, cruises, products, and cars. T100 has a YouTube channel where travel-related videos are posted. Find writers’ guides for The Travel 100 HERE.