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By Laura Macy
ITWPA Member

I had been invited to spend a week in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. A relaxing week in the sun, I thought, would be a welcome break from Ohio. When my daughter learned of the plan, she eagerly decided to join me … with her three children. Thinking that I would have to be reasonably creative in order for three children to be entertained beyond surf and sand, I launched a search for a Family Friendly Fun Activity.
The result was a two-and-a-half-hour cruise on a pirate ship. Really, no kidding! My daughter, grandchildren, and I spent an afternoon aboard the Bluefoot Pirate Ship in Ft. Lauderdale. We boarded at the “port” on Seabreeze Boulevard. An enthusiastic crew of pirates greeted us and ushered Todd (8), Tess (7), and Tanner (4) to face painting stations to begin their transformations into salty pirates of the seven seas. Next came “pirate garb” issued to the children which included vests, swords, sashes, eye patches, and bandanas for their heads. We boarded a pirate ship where we were briefed about our mission. The children had to find the key to a treasure chest. This required taking a Pirate Oath and learning the Pirate Code (I know — if you’ve seen Pirates of the Caribbean, not a “code,” merely “suggestions”).
A pirate named Seasick remained on the dock after he helped the trio (and, of course, the grownups) onto the ship. We had a pleasant, confident captain. I will call the female pirate a “Pirate Princess.” She was amazing — educational, informative, fun, and patient. She taught the children the parts of the boat in nautical terms and had them follow orders in “Pirate Speak.” The children studied the treasure map so seriously, plotting just how they would fight Barnacle Bill. Then, with water cannons, they had a full-fledged “sea battle” with Barnacle Bill. What excitement! Background music played; I swear it was the music from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. There were skirmishes and rallies, there was near defeat and finally victory over Barnacle Bill. After invoking Davy Jones for help, the key to the treasure chest was found and the booty/loot was shared among the brave little pirates.

When we returned to the dock, the children were issued Certificates of Piracy and Commendations for their bravery.

Having been a child myself at one time, and continuously searching for new amusements for children now, I must say that this was a unique, fantastic, fun day! The members of the crew were highly spirited, creating excitement and making each child feel special. It appeared that they enjoyed their jobs and their passengers. The “pirates” worked well together, maintaining levity and professionalism, well synchronized and smoothly choreographed.

If you are contemplating a trip to Ft. Lauderdale, or if you are a resident searching for an activity for guests, the Bluefoot Pirate Adventure Cruise should be a top priority!

Thank you, pirate crew of the Bluefoot Pirates! Arrrrg!!

For more information and reservations:
Bluefoot Pirate Adventures, 807 Seabreeze Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 954-530-8302, email:, website:

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