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By Karen Brooks

Suitcase space is at a premium, as all frequent travelers know. So why should you make room for bentonite clay? Here’s why:

Are you fearful of bug bites? Poisonous bites and stings can ruin your vacation. The thing that makes a spider bite or bee sting painful is the poison, so the most effective way to kill the pain and stop the reaction is to get the poison out. One thing that does a lovely job of removing the poison is bentonite clay. This clay is easily obtained both online and from any health food store. It has drawing properties that make it an excellent remedy for bites and stings. It costs little and doesn’t take up much room, so it can be handy for emergencies whether you are carrying a suitcase or a backpack. In addition, it is not sensitive to heat or cold and it doesn’t spoil.

Bentonite clay works wonderfully fast. Simply add a little clean water to it to make a wet paste and plaster it on the affected area. Cover it with a clean bandage and allow the clay to dry, then re-wet it with clean water through the bandage and continue the process until the redness and inflammation are gone. This is not just small-time folk medicine. I’ve seen this used on brown recluse bites here in southeast Missouri — where people are in terror of the brown recluse spider — and it worked wonders. I even used it myself on a large area on my arm that had been red, swollen, and feverish for days. I never knew what bit me, but in three days the clay had pulled out the infection and the redness and swelling were gone.

In my opinion, everyone should keep bentonite clay in their medicine cabinets at home, and you may want to make room for it in your suitcase when packing for your next camping trip or foray into bug-infested wilds.

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