Fun Travel Writing Spring Internship
Opportunity With Professional
Travel Writer and Former
Travel Editor, Kyle Wagner

On this call Kyle will explain how this opportunity works, what the ideal candidate looks like, what training with her this spring will do for your portfolio and more.

About Kyle Wagner: Kyle is a freelance writer, former food critic and former long-time Travel Editor at the Denver Post. Kyle dished out her opinions on dining in Denver for 12 years before she moved to the Post. Her love of food found her travelling the world in search of the best meals, which served her well when the previous travel editor retired from the Post and Kyle got the job. Prior to moving to Denver, Kyle was a bureau chief and part-time restaurant critic for the Naples Daily News in Florida.

With over nine years experience as a Travel Editor reading query letters, and assigning articles, Kyle knows what does, and doesn’t work, and exactly how to get an editors attention!

Travel writing is fun and glamorous but some people don’t know where to start. This could be your chance to start on the heels of an already experienced freelance travel writer and editor to ensure you hit the ground running.

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Travel writing is, hands-down, the best non-job in the world. And right now is one of the most advantageous times in history to break in. Magazines and online publications are hiring fewer full-time writers, which means they need more and more content from freelancers.

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