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Would you like to see your stories in the pages of glossy travel magazines? Enjoy all-expenses-paid trips to your favorite destinations around the world?

Earn a nice side income (or replace your day job) by doing something you truly love?

Photography is a fun hobby, but it can also be much more. Exploring the globe with your camera in hand, you can sell your photos to magazines, through online stock photo agencies, in coffee table books, on cards, as fine

Do you ever see cool products while traveling and think you could sell them for 10 times as much back home? With our special online portal to a wide variety of international goods at low prices, now you can quickly

Tips for selling your photos as stock

Earning six figures from anywhere in the world. Being your own boss and working the hours you wish. Funding your own travel adventures in Tahiti, Hawaii, Japan, Argentina, France, Spain, or anywhere you’d love to be right now. Sound good?

Everyone wants video these days. Hotels, tour companies, restaurants, guides – they all want to show their services to the world. After all, YouTube is now the number-two search site on the web after Google. Demand for video is huge.

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“I signed up for the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program and, to be honest, was not expecting much. This is not a reflection of your company but let’s just say I have had some bad online experiences. The opposite turned out to be true… I am completely blown away by the quality of your material. You have nailed online education. I am excited about completing the course and the opportunities that await!”

– Susanne Young