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“Moving abroad has pushed a restart button in my brain…it’s kept me from getting into a rut.” – Bonnie Caton

Great Escape Radio host, Jody Maberry, talks with Great Escape Publishing Photographer and Instructor, Bonnie Caton about how life as a photographer opens up new worlds.

“One thing about working with Great Escape Publishing like I do is that you can live anywhere. My partner’s job situation changed too which means he can now work from anywhere. So we decided to go to Buenos Aires for a month,” explains Bonnie.

After Buenos Aires, Bonnie will be moving to Bali, Indonesia for a month or two too.

Listen in as Bonnie and Jody talk about the benefits of moving to a new location—even if only for a month or two. They discuss how it jumpstarts your creativity and how the freedom of living the photographer’s or travel writer’s life can open doors and new opportunities.

Bonnie is already seeing the possibilities for projects that will come from her time living abroad. The opportunities are endless…

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