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“When life threw me a curve ball, it was photography to the rescue.” –Kristen Bentz

Today on Great Escape Radio Lori Allen introduces us to Kristen Bentz – a high-energy, creative and dynamic cruise line travel consultant turned photographer.

Kristen attended our photography workshop in 2012. Like most of the other amateur photographers at the event, she enjoyed taking vacation photos but knew very little about photography – or even her own camera. She wanted to learn how to take better photos and how to sell them.

“Kristen was super-charged after the photography workshop,” says Lori. “Things snowballed really quickly for her.“

Here’s Kristen’s story…

“Not long after attending the photography workshop in 2012, life threw me a curve ball. In order to care for someone very special to me, I had to quit my retail job – and that eliminated my income.”

Kristen needed a source of income that would allow her the time to care for her loved one. And she needed it fast.

“My husband and I were living in Tucson, Arizona and we would go out into the desert at night to look for snakes and watch lightning storms. It sounds crazy, but it was the photos of lightning that started my photography business,” explains Kristen.

For Kristen, a Christmas party at her home with co-workers turned into an aha moment…

“A friend attending my party had disappeared down my hallway. He emerged holding one of my lightning photos that I had framed and asked ‘Can I buy this?’ – to which I said YES! And that was my aha moment!”

Using the skills she learned at our photography workshop Kristen began selling her photos of lightning storms as fine art.

“My unique niche as a storm chasing photographer helped me break into photography insanely fast,” says Kristen. “For me it was photography to the rescue.”

For a while, photography was her sole income – and she survived.

Today Kristen is doing very well with her photography business. In fact, using photography to supplement her income during her difficult life experience has given her the confidence to make many life changes…including a recent move to Alaska where she has been photographing the Northern Lights.

“Fine art photography has been my bread and butter. And by fine art, I mean any kind of print that you would want to hang on your walls at home, in a hotel room, or at any other business. I love it because I set my own prices, I’m 100% my own boss.”

Her advice to you…

**** Get your art out there

****Tell people your story

****Showcase your work at local arts and craft fairs to build momentum then transition to online sales

For more on how you can get started with photography today, visit: /start/photography.

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