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For more information on how to get started creating travel videos, visit

“The market for travel videos is wide open right now – don’t miss this opportunity.” Lori Allen

As a follow up to Melanie Wood’s success story from podcast 33, host Jody Mayberry and Director, Lori Allen, take a deeper look at the process of creating travel videos.

“Most people think travel videos require a long learning curve and a lot of expensive equipment, but that’s just not the case,” explains Lori.

Although the travel video market seems new, it’s been around for a while. And with the video capability of smart phones, it’s easy to get started taking videos.

Here are some opportunities that are available…

“Companies are using videos for promotion on their websites. These companies can be anything from a hotel promoting its amenities to a destination promoting an activity like zip lining in Costa Rica or a safari in Africa.”

Opportunity is great. Demand is great. And, it doesn’t require as much training or equipment as you would think.

Lori also discusses the crossover between travel photography and travel videography…

“A great example of using both photography and videography is a story about Bonnie Caton. While traveling in Thailand watching the festival of lights, Bonnie was taking photos of the release of thousands of lanterns into the dark sky. She also videotaped the event bringing the emotion of the moment into focus.”

Lori shares tips on getting started – where and how to build your portfolio and grow from there.

For more information on how to get started creating travel videos, visit

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